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Mongoose - V Software Development Board

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  • Mongoose-V processor operating at 25 MHz
  • 2MB of high speed SRAM / 4MB of user programmable Flash EEPROM
  • Dual RS232 interfaces
  • Error detection and correction (EDAC) support
  • Expansion interface facilitates target system connection
  • Dedicated ROM emulator port (32-bit)
  • Convenient logic analyzer connections
  • Single carrier board design with dual mezzanine card slots
  • Compact PCI form factor (6U)
  • Mongoose-V Board promotes concurrent hardware/software design; thus expediting entire project
  • Supports COTS S/W development environment
  • Software environments are: VxWorks Tornadoª, Green Hills Multiª, Nucleus PLUS
  • Mezzanine card location available for customer developed applications
  • Mongoose-V processor on mezzanine card for upgradability
  • Software Development Board fully compatible with 32-bit Rad-Hard Mongoose-V microprocessor
  • Mongoose-V microprocessor fabbed on advanced 1-MRAD Silicon-On-Insulator technology
  • Immune to single event upset
  • Currently shipping QML-Q flight units


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Quantity discounts available.
Pricing for Mongoose-V Software Development Board (MV-SDB-01) - $30,000 per board.
Limited quantity in stock.

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